Monday, 27 April 2015


Turn the page in Norwich is coming up this weekend - a must see for seeing interesting books and book related objects – they have an exhibition by Brian Dettmer which will be full of obsessive cutting and the mining of alternative narratives within books  while thinking about Norwich check out the Relux project which is part of the festival richard has been remaking various films – most awesomely bizarre. The Thursday lecture at NUA was by Celia Pym really wonderful journey – the focus was on connecting, finding out who to work with and how to sustain a practice. titled Is this a thing? I started to think about the students experience of Listening – why come to a lecture that’s not what I do....she made me rethink ...make a link with the Yoko Ono – cut piece – thinking about the real violence of the act, the fact that in archives all clothes are catalogued as a personal item and also it made me think about the role of a tutor – talking and listening professionally. Beautiful.