Sunday, 26 April 2015


an interesting night running a textile company at the Wolsey theatre with the very thoughtful Metis theatre company  world factory is a complex immersive  full on experience which is quite excellent – every textile fashion student should see it and explore their relationship to their clothes.
The Wolsey theatre is a magnificent institution full of vibrant experiences - I’ve already got tickets to the Pulse festival to go to the follow up discussion but also to see 9 new performances within 5 hours as part of the suitcase day on the 29th May – performances supported only by what they can bring in a suitcase on public transport. This will only be a couple of days after coming back from New York with the textile students from Norwich which is taking up a lot of planning time.
The lunchbox is a deeply sad but all encompassing tale of the system of cooking and transporting food to workers in Mumbai the delivery system is extraordinary and the film is worth watching just to see it in action.