Wednesday, 14 January 2015


I've become slightly obsessed with Killer Mike and his old school sound.

Why is the Norwich – London train service so bad? If I hear again that the train I am on is delayed because of a slow running train ahead of us... all 4 (5 if you count the one that broke
down) trains that I travelled on Tuesday were delayed or stopped working – a great start to the years commuting. The contrast with French trains is startling.

Well – a most excellent couple of days essentially spent chairing great conversations – NUA was 2 group crits with all of year 3 focusing on the 19 weeks left and Camberwell was a midpoint review where an individual’s work is analysed without their engagement in the
conversation. Although it’s a wonderfully honest formative session it is a really brutal experience, listening and watching the group discuss your work in ways that might never of being intended. The rambling (a good thing) eclectic nature of the experience throws up all sorts of ideas as the conversation takes in the possible and the improbable alongside the impossible and the practical - which leads to sometimes poetic notes – today’s favourites are tools for contemplation, sculptural luggage, science religion magic gets you science
fiction, a hint of the municipal, relaxing pastels, dark-lite and “there’s something quite clever about how exciting it is”. My job really is the best.