Monday, 19 January 2015


I’ve spent rather too much time recently watching/listening to old school mixing – DJ Q Bert and Mix Master Mike on the other hand Star Wars DJ Imperial March (Full Set) - Skratch Bastid is so wonderfully geekout but there is always DJ Juicy and her infectious 4 deck CD mixing!!!!   A film made by a bored genius – just watched Room 237 film that presents the many theories and ideas connected to the Shining – I love the idea of playing the film overlaid simultaneously forward and backwards - most excellent – after just watching 2001 I now have to re-visit The Shining, Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut with an eye to post modern film criticism – looking forward to my point of view being altered by study. A reminder that what one is studying is altered by the act of that same studying. The imitation game leaves one feeling a little bereft – but glad that the world has moved on a little, although I feel that the police ‘got off’ a little lightly in theirdepiction. Benedict Cumberbatch really is a most excellent actor, able to gather together all the pain and exhaustion of what it is to be ‘different’ and hold us in the suspended state of cinema. Whiplash – OMG - brutal – you will be left exhausted.