Monday, 29 December 2014


I’ve just spent 4 straight hours in the company of Brothers: a tale of two sons - - if you are interested in engaging in the game don’t look at the wiki page as part of the experience of game playing is obviously not knowing what is coming – not plot spoiling doesn't appear to be part of the game playing community - anyway the landscape is sublime, the narrative very moving and the dynamics of the playing fairly unique in my experience of gaming (not huge) – you are left with the feeling of a profound sense of loss – this might be my first empathic gaming experience.
meanwhile - some films watched over the break – so far

The Equalizer – Denzel – the man with a past – he plays the isolated-lost-loner-character well with the twist of extraordinary fighting skills and empathy – predictable but fun. 
Get Santa – well if I was 6 I might find it wonderful and Jim Broadbent is a glorious ‘gansta santa’ but.......I'm not 6. 
Boxtrolls yes it’s all good with some very clever animation backed up with a strong script. 
Toy Story That Time Forgot - toy story short – lots of knowing fun – it takes us from the moment ‘the gang’ are joined to Bonnie with some great 'in jokes'. 
What we do in the shadows – a laugh out loud mockumentary about vampires in new Zealand. 
Eagle v Shark more ‘indi-fare’ from new Zealand – a cast of outcasts – tragic-comic with the funniest attack on a disabled person I have ever seen! 
Batman - – its difficult to beat Jack Nicholson being Jack when he’s on form! But talk about slow.......and the dated clothes ....shoulder pads wtf were we thinking. 
The Interview - – not as bad as I thought it would be but a film that offends everybody – is that a good thing? 
Chico and Rita beautiful drawings with a great dream America sequence underpinned with a narrative that takes in a slice of Jazz history.  
Blue valentine another tragic wandering around Gosling film, a film about loss, loss of love, 1 hour and 20 mins – seems longer.  
Darkman - ludicrous plot, special effects, acting and overall concept ..........don’t even start about the science - but in its own way its charmingly odd.