Tuesday, 16 December 2014


A research day at NUA – some interesting thoughts and conversations were had – along with the opportunity to meet new staff members who could prove fruitful in terms of possible collaborative activity. I presented the work I’m involved in at Kings College within the robotics department. I had some good feedback and some supportive comments but the system meant that 4 people presented within a carousel structure – so I showed the work 4 times but never got to see the work of others which would of being more interesting that talking about myself (I didn’t think about this when I volunteered – also it would be useful to see everybody’s research strands so that we can get to talk and possibly work with each other – maybe next time.  

A trip to Coventry – it’s always a little odd going home – or to a place I grew up in – there is a lot of new building (on the space where my house was) but it was good to see the market still operating, unlike Sheffield’s