Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I've been working with illustrator creating new ideas around the modular and of course the fold and then outputting the structures using the laser cutter. As part of my ongoing investigation of form and structure I've been introducing tessellation to the arsenal of potential creative tools. The Penrose tessellation offers beautiful results which are both familiar and otherworldly and I've been astounded with how wonderful and seemingly effortless the laser cutter ‘knocks out’ interesting artefacts filled with many possibilities. Maybe the future is already here.

I was reminded of a conversation with Roger Ackling and his musing on where the work was. He asked that maybe he had missed the point all these years whilst making his art. Roger made otherworldly objects by harnessing the power of the sun through a lens. He asked that maybe the smoke was the work – beautifully poetic and at the same time laterally pragmatic. The work he made really was more than just burning lines! As I worked with the laser cutter I deliberated on what was happening and began to ask myself if maybe the space between where the work appeared to be..................was the work.