Thursday, 3 July 2014


The matchmaking event I was invited to attend at Kings College Hospital was very intriguing. The full-on session organised by the Crafts Council saw medical academics and makers giving one minute peckha kuchas and then speed dating for an hour with 3 minute segments - which felt like 10 seconds or/and 10 hours as it whizzed by in a blur of slow motion of new concepts and words and then 30 mins of balancing food and talking all the while assimilating complex medical research and trying to find a way of connecting practice’s which was really interesting but each conversation needed a day - anyway - efficient and organised. I learnt why medical research uses tiny fish, about robotic origami, how to grow bones, invisibility cloaks, 3D mapping of the brain using toilet roll holders and a lot of other stuff that sounded more like science fiction - but all most excellent – I responded by folding paper as a way of communicating what I do and what I have to offer - I may said WOW and mentioned Science Fiction, The Big Bang Theory, The Matrix, Star Trek a little too often - the only sadness was not having time to talk to the other makers who were all so confident, eloquent, positive and supportive. It would be good to invite some of them to talk at Norwich as part of the Thursday lecture series.
The post-grad shows at Camberwell are almost up. The Book Arts space looks really good and all the work explores as ever the wide range of inherent qualities embedded within book. Book as tool, vessel, guide, instrument, weapon and beautiful object. I recommend checking it out. It starts on the 16th july with the Private View on the 15th. 
Invigilating at Cley14Friday and Saturday - looking forward to it.

Its because they are transparent......the fish.