Monday, 9 June 2014


METIS are developing a new piece and as part of their development they have been looking at how clothes are made within a global context – I went to a sort of sharing of our research so far session at the Wolsey Theatre on Saturday – not bad – some interesting ideas were thrown up about labelling in clothes in relationship to food, the lack of direct health issues around purchasing cheap clothes (within the manufacturer of clothes it is other people’s health that is at risk). Later New Art Club were as excellent as expected and a bit more – I think that I was crying with laughter within minutes and the last monologue was so beautiful - making us all evaluate the whole show – thank you. Meanwhile back to assessment today with a quick break for year 2 textile design student’s introduction to year 3 at NUA.  Then off to see the Foundation show at Wensum Lodge in Norwich vested interest - my child is graduating so I will be in proud parent mode.