Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Another session of Pulse Festival wondrousness at the Dance House in Ipswich last night – first was Words into the Dark by Wendy Houston a wonderful piece – finding a way forward – an expression of a person managing – a person coping with a mass of information – creating language. Second was a piece by Hetain Patel - American Boy – a mixture of impressions and actions looking at popular American Culture it was at its best when it mashed up these ideas and expressions of Americanness – Spiderman doing impressions of Micheal Caine doing Kung Fu as Michael Jackson! There’s a double bill on Saturday with world factory the shirt first and then Feel about your body by the fabulous New Art Club I’m already looking forward to it – they are always quite marvellous http://www.wolseytheatre.co.uk/shows/pulse14-feel-about-your-body/ . I had resisted the new version of Old Boy as the original needed nothing especially not a remake. But it does have some extraordinary special effects in the form of exploding heads mainly – but.......

Part of today’s teaching at Camberwell was a visit to The London Centre for Book Arts  http://londonbookarts.tumblr.com/ - a most excellent space deep in the hinterland of Hackney almost next to the Olympic park. A great talk by Simon who in founder and runs the place, although far too modest to say so himself he really is a force for good.