Sunday, 23 March 2014


Working towards 3 exhibitions in different states - The upcoming show in Bristol is now on the Bristol book arts web site and the work is packaged up – apart from, as ever, the new books I am making specially for the space....
Now working on the proposed show in August/September for imprints in France - at the moment I think that it’s an opportunity to show some of the more appropriate pieces from the unpicking and rebinding body of work.
The proposal for cley14 is evolving – I have a meeting with Polly Binns in a couple of weeks as carrying out my initial idea is proving to be not so straight forward.
The latest faster than sound was quite sublime – an example of really solid high quality - what Aldeburgh music does well – Richard Skelton has an interesting hybrid practice which involves text, sound, image making and the book – all published from some intriguing web sites -  the first piece called EA was like listening to the sound of a painting of a river by an artist from the Norwich School – someone like Crome or Cotman.

Finally the true detective series is remarkable – from the thoughtfully disturbing opening credits to the final comforting conclusion via the brutal but elegant episode 4 raid and episode 8 set dressing -