Sunday, 9 March 2014


a full day on Saturday at The Think Tank in Ipswich at Pacitti Company HQ to spend time thinking and talking about working with and within collections – my notes... engaging with collections  - meaningful - voices - creating new ways of seeing  - visions - creating a vision - prisms to create contemporary thoughts - is a prism a fracturing experience - truth / truths - openings and roots (routes) - the web as a methodology - celebrating process - possibility as a starting point - rethinking / re imagining a particular document - activist purposes - activists - for what? - radical re imagining - whose story? - accessing collections - Performing collections - rolling research - past - future – unlocked - digital principles - what are they? - objects providing entry points - how museums speak to audiences - how communities talk back - a parliament of things - politics - complex layers of stuff - the objects meaning changes with each viewing - the issue might be about - giving voice as much as talking for...  - the burden of history - possible starting points?..... unlocked unlocking - the politics of the word - practicalities of the objects - inaccessible - temporary coalition as a way forward - an expert in your own experience - where does the swallow belong? - reading the politics of now through the landscape of time – what is the difference between the object and the thing? - does a thing have a story? - are things connected? - things as objects - objects as things - potentiality of objects - categorisation as a closing down mechanism - object - (latin) something that is thrown in the way - an object as an obstruction - thing - (norse) a place for discussion (thing-stead) gathering – thring - the move from a consumer of an object to that of a witness to/in a gathering - digital - as a way forward - iterations of stories - of visions - the wiki could be the way to tell many stories - MY story.... Rather than printing which is limited to the number with access to the physical - control - culturally unlocking - the knowledge within me - awe and wonder - emotional response - education as key - power unlocked - adult children of hoarders.. - filtering as a way of moving forward - criteria? - fragmentation as an opportunity - the current atomisation of society could enable us to reconfigure and rebuild - managing democracy - shining light on things - burial practices - repeated exhumed - bones intermingled....spread around - a logic of construction - bringing together - mixing up - just a bunch of stuff... without stories.... - facebook as a navigating tool - as a mirror - thinking about forms and meanings of words......- navigating within a communal way - look at the word and the meaning of navigation - cartographic (imperialism) (mapping and inclusion) - way-finding (local purpose - perceptual range) - letting things die and moving on....its ok for things to be lost? - responsibility - to bring things out - to continue to tell stories - object and things - simplicity and complexity - abundance and absence - stamped across narratives of mobility - are we asking the right questions? - we haven't had to ask questions about politics - authorised heritage discourse - fetishisation of archaeology - museology - mediated and medicated.....context is all - what doesn't come up through discussion - revelation - as a vehicle - responsibility and privilege - respect - knowing about heritage - mono narratives - rhythm of time forgot - implication by words - maybe museums just have to be let go - its okay for things to be lost.... - shadow by implication relates to a darkness or dark-side or positively it could concern itself with shedding light on a thing/object - a broken typewriter exposes the process of narrative making - analogue and unique - authorised museum objects that had gone through the accession process – canonised – a simplification of culture - migration - how does it feel to know nothing? - archaeology as a tool to explore ....... something of the now - specialists - by definition are 'other'. - identity - through objects - what objects do you take/bring with you - the idea of home - migration is the human story - investment of engagement - the trajectories of things - artefacts in collections - close the trajectory - can new technologies offer new life to a thing.... - objects in collections can be treated as material - returning it to rawness - the possibility of being transformed as all material can - sensory fashion - times, space – scales - technology as raw materials - a sensorium - a place of sensations - responses....a purpose - curiosity - creating occasions for discussion - juxtapositions between things - exploring relationships- the journey from public to private to public etc etc.... - connection to the collection....roads less well explored...- the idea of the durational residency or Research process - what is under test in the test department? - testing - nobody can test anything without somebody on the team already being part of the testing... Is this true? - liminal state - not black boxed - iconoclast becoming the icon - a work that shows the carving away .... The editing process as a large part of the final piece - un-inventing - rather than unlocking - level of important to us all..... looking forward to their next session - sound lounge on Friday 21 march 7 – 11

Meanwhile there have been a lot of films but recommendations only include the Dallas Buyers Club – how did Matthew McConaughey do that? An extraordinary performance... and Philomena – a moving and beautifully constructed film – weaving the past and present, imagination and truth with one slowly revealed to become the other and the extension has disappeared under a shroud of scaffold.