Monday, 3 February 2014


Two days at Snape – PLACE – a joy to be in the presence of thinking – and be reminded of the fact that Paul Morley and his voice needs to exist. Highlights – Jay Griffiths talking about the sea, Lavina Greenlaw’s moving reading and her explanation about the role of the poet and poetry and then of course Paul Morley talking about how to develop the idea of who you are or can be and thinking using the idea of the North and the detailing the spectre of capitalism......

my notes ........environmentally myopic – landscape of amnesia – a language without certain words – we construct amnesia by editing our past – over determining our future – containers as an extension of our domain -  swimming as a medative process – a notebook as home – collective sense of individuality – home is with other like minded people – unforbidden pleasures - is a man to follow rules or is a rule to follow a man – a shared project, working together – the forbidden is a structure to define and explore desire (control) – language writes the world – place name is a few stones piled up, they fall down only to be piled up by the next generation - story of the masses – the music of what happens – sounds of a place overplaying the image of a map of that place – analytic listening disentangles what is there – waiting lists for the experience of solitude – views from trains this must mean something – a name that feels like it belongs in history – who owns the landscape? – language as a temporal home – traditional practice as a time machine – occupation of language – occupying as a narrative device – neurologically re-wiring what 3 minutes of pop can be – index as position – race into the future the past holds you back – transport expands you – abstract revolution, remaking reality – old fashioned futurists – Tony Wilson as metaphysical mayor – the internet = moving whilst staying where you are – the North as an ideology – Manchester City as a modernist idea of a local football team – herded into pleased communities in our closed screened off lives – library as route out – poetry as a precise idea about imprecision – fixing a moment in time, monumentising it – magic as a form of explanation – i talk to a hall of darkness – i am making a list of my father – converted middle class barn (is there any other) – detective work around myself – self sufficiency as an ethical principle – reappropiation of the appropriated – bird watching as an art of peace – a vortex of paranoia and fear, a building that drains the voice – not where you live but where you stay – gentrification by pure capitalism –
the only gap in the weekend was that there needed to be some thinking around young people and the internet as place, a space they occupy – we appear to be a generation who moved and now we are telling others to be still, to stay, to dig where you stand – young people are doing their own thing and I do not want to hear old people talking about property prices! and then there was the choice of dull long films that could of being replaced by shorter more interesting pieces or let the speakers talk in chaired panel discussions – try Richard Dedomenici next time -

the weekend at Snape was top and tailed by two films - all is lost a tremendous film that was framed and rethought within the concept of place and then a field in England which also had the lenses of occupation focused onto it.