Wednesday, 5 February 2014


An excellent day out in London with the students from Camberwell Books MA. First off was the Welcome Institute – Foreign Bodies - a show of 6 artists who had been in residence in various parts of the world – using their skills and understanding to support and engage with a number of audiences and participants – really enjoyed the fossil necklace – next off to Sadie Cole HQ – - an eclectic (messy and full of ‘random stuff’) show by Helen Marten – the space really is quite extraordinary overlooking Regent Street. After lunch it was onto her other space which turned out to be flooded so we quickly reorganised and made our way to White Cube - where there was a show by Lui Wei which featured huge 3D geometric shapes made from piles of sanded magazines – seductive. Before we got there taken by the image in the window we popped into Gazelli art house – the video work of Aziz and Cucher was mesmerizing  Finally before getting the train I - popped into Dover St Market - to look at the latest layout – taken by the use of material in the clothes in general but specifically Erdem who have some wonderful processes within their collection