Wednesday, 19 June 2013


A most excellent day in London - at Camberwell – Symposium 2 on the Book Art Course was full! It was made up of a range of student presentations that illustrated diverse individual relationships to the book. Ranging from the voice accompanied video performance, new work shown large for the first time, promos for books, chronological narratives and     The session is an outcome, evidence for a moment of reflection on the course – for me it was a great pleasure to see the development of the students practice and I left with a note book full of starting points to research. One student – Joanna Brinton back from a residency in Japan is in a show titled Down the Dori - The Cookhouse Gallery at Chelsea College of Art, London July 2 – 5, 9 – 8pm – to see more of her work ...
Amber Ablett also back from Bergen - had an interesting body of new work. another link to a personal presence on the web.
Then off to the BA show at Camberwell – two stand-out shows - Drawing was very eclectic and made one rethink the idea of drawing and Illustration, usually lost on me as a concept – it was very professional with some engaging work. Then off to Cork Street to see Laurence Edwards show at Messums –  Laurence’s work is very exciting (for Bronze casting!!) and thought provoking. I of course take all the credit for his ‘truth to materials’ aesthetic and engagement with the Bronze casting process that came out of conversations during our collaboration on the Louth Art Trail. But seriously see the work on his web site if you can’t get to see the work in the flesh.