Sunday, 9 June 2013


SNAP at Snape - where I saw 2 giant penis's and a man covered in milk - artists from previous SNAP exhibitions had been invited again - this time to contribute works related to or inspired by Britten and as ever the work was fantastically obscure and wonderfully impenetrable - To quote the web site - Exactly to whom or what Fuller’s and Lucas’ strange ritual is directed remains uncertain...........very old school in this 'new audiences, public funded, accessible landscape'.  My favourite moment was attending the opening of the exhibition and not being allowed to see some works as there was a rehearsal on in one of the rooms........ If you go make sure that you see the film by Benedict Drew – the best work in the show and check out Ryan Gander's witty twitter feed of Benjamin Britten’s baton - very Benny Hill/Frankie Howard Oooooooooh Mrs .

But the highlight of the weekend was untouchable – a glorious film about what it is to be alive -