Saturday, 26 January 2013


An intriguing day in Norwich. A day on the selection panel for Turn The Page. A day looking a wide range of approaches to the book. Always interesting to look at images of books rather than the actual objects. The book - a 3D object that exists in space, that often explores time, sequence and order, can be manipulated in the hand and whose materials have often been chosen carefully for their textural qualities. It was nice to meet the other selectors Tanya from the bookartbookshop, Nicola Dale from Rogue Studios, Manchester and finally Jules and Marina the organisers. Turn The Page has the idea of being more than a book fair - the cross between fair and exhibition is a good one and favours visual work that uses/explores the idea of the book. But its also about the idea of supporting local and young (in terms of their CV) artists, providing opportunities, of generating a buzz in the city and working within a very public space. So on the whole the two days in May - Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th May 2013 will be an eclectic mixture challenging the nature of the book - looking forward to it already.