Wednesday, 23 January 2013


In the middle of an interesting week – 2 days at home making work in my 'new studio' and 2 days at NUA (Norwich University of the Arts) new name – unsure if this is 3rd or 4th version in my lifetime - Norfolk Institute of Art and Design (NIAD), Norwich School of Art and Design, Norwich University College of the Arts and now Norwich University of the Arts. Its history dates back to 1845 when it was called Norwich School of Design - interesting. 
Monday was supporting the 3rd years collaborative project – some of the groups have envisaged wonderful ideas for the future and worked really well as a group - all groups are learning important lessons for the future in terms of collaboration, considering how one feels about having to own an idea that is created in collaboration with a group is a great learning curve. The Textile course team at NUA generally and the collaborative project specifically are all about presenting opportunities for learning. The nature of learning takes many forms and often what you actually set out to learn isn't what you actually learn, the important thing is to reflect on ones actions.
Tomorrow is Research into Practices Unit feedback tutorials for the MA Textile students and in the afternoon the presentations for the collaborative project for the 3rd years which should be an excellent learning opportunity.  
Friday is working with turn the page I’m on the selection panel with Tanya Peixoto and Nicola Dale - it should be interesting to see a wide range of bookworks.
Meanwhile have to promote black moth - - have been playing tracks from their killing jar LP - the articulate dead and blackbird falling on a loop since hearing them as part of the chain on 6 music’s Radcliff and Maconie.