Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Its Wednesday but just getting round to this - a weekend of films – both with a focus in the middle east – Argo a Hollywood romp that sets you on a thrilling ride with final scenes that take your breathing away.  Ben Affleck does a wonderful directing job and acts a beard well, don’t leave the cinema as the credits add another layer. Incendies blows up in your face – less easy to find but worthwhile as it has provided a restless night and the inability to sleep past 6.00 (hence writing this). A staggering journey of what it is to encounter the past, the film beautifully, brutally unfolds leaving a kind of open scar as it undoes itself.
Looking forward to a week of work in Norwich both at nuca and then at the Costume and Textile study centre and also a day at MEAL. 
Starting the third stage of the rethink around the structure of year 3 on the textile course at nuca. Stage one was an open phase of finding your practice, then after a presentation there was a period of focused study – today I introduce the first of two group collaborative projects – its only a week but working together will be an interesting test and good practice for the future. have started the countdown to the moment they leave in seconds - it makes it seem longer.
Next week - gets a little hardcore in terms of time left. Time to get on -
Continuing to work in stitch and the pleat – slightly obsessed – I don’t think that it will pass.