Tuesday, 11 December 2012


The presentations yesterday were an extraordinary success. They were in the form of pitches at the end of a weeks collaborative project between small groups of students on the textiles BA at nuca. The project was the result of an internal staff workshop at the end of last Summer where ideas around learning and teaching were discussed. It was felt that students needed to have a more structured course within year three. So it was decided to rethink the two long units into multiple smaller sections - so that the students could create a wider body of work, more finished pieces and experience a range of teaching approaches.
So far so good - a mass of learning has taken place, the feedback is very positive and I believe they are better designers and individuals, more ready to take on the challenges of the workplace because of it. Looking forward to building on this after christmas.
The day today was all about staff research - an opportunity to see some of the research individual members of staff are engaged in at nuca - a space to share good practice and build relationships with people one only sees at staff events.
The morning was comprised of a range of exciting, thoughtful and professional presentations - I really am surrounded by some most excellent people doing fantastic things.

meanwhile - finally sorting the station at beccles!