Wednesday, 7 November 2012


A late train getting into London but a good day at Camberwell - the first crit with the new MA students was really positive - in some ways the crits are the core of the course - talking, presenting and debating the work that is made, often in isolation - the crit is a wonderful forum where, as the tutor I have to think on my feet, chairing many voices and interests so that everybody feels they have contributed to the degree they want and that fairness is evidenced. The student in reflective mood, often has revelatory moments about themselves and their work in the fierce light of a public experience.  With many cultures and languages represented language and words are often a problem, although again this can be a positive when specific experiences or concepts that are not universal have to be explained in detail, one really begins to get some idea of how small and yet connected the UK is. Translation often throws up a moment of poetic charm - i draw in colourful water - the whole day was worth it just to hear that. I often go away with a list of concepts, names and experiences from a wide range of cultures to research; another was a Chinese phrase about time and the end of the day - the last object, the left hand of darkness.
Managed to see the show at the South London Gallery - some interesting display possibilities within the work which I last saw in Venice at the Biennale.
The afternoon contained a seminar around several ideas - recognising the concept of active learning, practical issues around reflective thinking within a journal and mapping your practice through connections.

As ever the train home was late - but at least they held the connecting service - it really is the worst 'service'.