Sunday, 25 November 2012


Finally got round to see skyfall - a good bond movie esp enjoyed the nod to the Bourne trilogy - only marred by the person next to me pointing out that he had been to all the locations and how he had enjoyed them - i did see it in the rather posh venue of Aldeburgh cinema.    
The Shechter Dance Company was at Snape - most excellent - Uprising was a full on assault from the first second - men emerge from the shadows and go through maleness in all its madness and glory - lighting and music never gave you a moment of rest p wonderful - although a little limited in its palette (maybe that was the point) if they are near you go see.
Teaching at nuca has been a mixture of deconstructing learning and teaching with cake on the BA! a workshop around the digital and one about the multiple on the MA – looking forward to seeing the results of a set project next week.
Managed two days of pleating and folding the sacks are from MEAL.