Tuesday, 10 July 2012


on train home – only an hour and a half late due to incompetence on train companies part but this is  nothing new – anyway gaining access at the weekend to areas on Orford Ness usually unavailable to the public was most excellent – all thanks to Commissions East and the untrue Island Project http://www.commissionseast.org.uk/html/casestudies/Untrue_Island/Untrue_Island.htm
the afternoon working in the care home on Monday in Harwich was really rewarding with all the ideals of the project – supporting and developing the creative work that carers are involved in with the residents they work - in place http://www.suffolkartlink.org.uk/creative-carers.htm
today was all about developing the final show at Camberwell for the MA Book Art course and then helping to hang the bookmare show in the Camberwell Space – when I left it all looked full of potential and very exciting with many dialogues happening between the work in the show and the space itself - the marvellous folding of the printed matter undertaken by the students will enhance the whole thing http://www.camberwell.arts.ac.uk/camberwellspace/futureexhibitions/bookmare/