Wednesday, 4 July 2012


a day at home after a lot of meetings, workshops and teaching. Some highlights were Matthew Bourne at Ipswich – the show is a touring triple bill of acclaimed early works celebrating 25 years of the companies work. Spitfire is very very funny even after all this time – there is a moment in the Town element of Town and Country where a potential lover expresses his angst – chillingly awe inspiring – for me the infernal gallop is too close to a west end musical but even in this there is a wonderful element when the dancers fall into a repetitive sequence that takes your breath away – if you get the chance -   
symposium 2 at Camberwell was a truly positive day – comprising the work of students on the book art course – my job is to chair and give an overview and to enjoy the presentations, which I did. It was excellent to see the journey they had been on, the engagement with the teaching on the course and a general air of academic professionalism. Discussion ranged from the book as a transitional object, controlling the means of production, the role of audience in the work of artists, the seduction of consumption, consumerism and capitalism and possible alternatives. I am looking forward to a possible show-reel of artists who work with the book but who have also worked with moving image, either as final pieces or in the research towards an understanding of practice.
the printing for bookmare came from the printers, really pleased with it - the folding starts here, only 499 to go.
tonight its doctor who with punchdrunk in Ipswich's-on/the-crash-of-the-elysium.aspx and sunday is orford ness with  commissions east working my way slowly to latitude via creative carers and tutorials at nuca – who said the summer was quiet?