Wednesday, 9 March 2011


spring in the country. another faster than sound at snape on saturday – quite possibly the best attended but the most gentle in terms of its impact on me. leafcutter john made some interesting noises in interesting ways and the drumming from Seb Rochford got good when he ventured into his jazz-noise phase – but i think i prefer to hear him talking and explaining took some interesting shots in the dark on the walk back. monday saw a full day at NUCA it was the deadline for the proposals for the students to have an idea of how their work should sit in the retail space linked to the final textile BA show – some very professional ideas so far – there will be some awesome things to own. there was also a session to support the wallpaper history competition – again some really exciting starting points. tuesday was wall to wall tutorials with the year 3 students – the fear has started with only 6 weeks to go. after the trip to Venice the realisation that my art education started in 1900 was brought home – so what to do? I have called on the services of Kenneth Clark and the wonderful civilization series. what a wonderful way to be educated – i now know why rome fell, the role of the church, the reasons behind the dark ages and so much more and i’m only on the 3rd programme.