Sunday, 13 March 2011


i have to flag up again – a wonderful service – a place to post presentations so they can be accessed from anywhere with a web connection – to see what I’ve up to go to recent presentations are all about deconstructing course documents for briefing sessions with students. – next one is on Monday with year 1 textile students at NUCA. managed to slot in a visit to the wolsey theatre in Ipswich on Monday to see the devil has quentin’s heart - a faustian pact with movement! –the drunk/dance scene was mesmerising - a one man show with Benji Reid, although the on-stage sound by Andrew Wong was startling and inventive – if you get the chance it’s a thoughtful show to see while we are here i should mention the lighting – moody and strangely illustrative by Paul Colley. cycling around Heveningham hall at the weekend i came across the creek men a work by Laurence Edwards a piece i last saw looking quite splendid in the reed bed at snape maltings, having been floated/sailed/punted from Laurence’s studio at Butley – a place worth a visit on their next open day especially if they are pouring.