Saturday, 13 November 2010


friday - another faster than sound at snape and quite possibly the most sublime so far - called Spheres & Splinters – a collaboration between Tod Machover who together with cellist Peter Gregson, ambsonic sound designer Ben Bloomberg and United Visual Artists created a multi-layered 3D soundscape with stunning yet wonderfully reserved and considered visuals - the walk back to Iken Cliff afterward in the dark was truly awe-inspiring – the whole evening was something that i am still thinking about – did i witness the beginning of something truly new? today has seen me giving a presentation and running a workshop for the Eastern Region Textile Forum around the idea of concepts and meanings it was a successful event with much thinking and many starting points for the members to go away with – along with a simple yet loaded small book that was made in the workshop. it was also nice to catch up with last some of years MATC students. here is a link to the presentation in two parts -