Wednesday, 20 October 2010


first day at Camberwell and straight into Symposium 1 for the MA Book Arts – its educational purpose is to create a space for the students to present their history and share their aspirations for their time on the course - its also the starting point for me in terms of getting to know the students.
below are extracts from the notes i made during their presentations – they outline some of their intentions for the year as well as explaining their route to book - the wide ranging cultural reference points within the group will be exciting for everybody – it promises to be a diverse and truly global experience.

So I started using the office resources......
De-evolution of communication
Society of certainties
In-between space
Exploring the activity of the book
Typography as image
Giving letters a timescale
Information transfer through divergence
When does a book stop being a book?
Undermining the library space
Expectations of the book
Importance of the shelf
Use of book as tool
How to describe the universe to somebody else
I want to build a utopia
To make a book without content
What is a person to a place?
Authorial control
Identity of the book
Relationship between audience and maker
Accidental book
Translation of journey
Interaction between people and people
Building a physical internet
Finding a voice through book