Monday, 18 October 2010


a busy two weeks which has centred around my work at NUCA on the BA Textiles course at NUCA – we spent a week with the first years residing at Hopton Holiday Park as a bonding/drawing exercise. an experience which i am sure has furnished the students with a number of lasting memories. at Hopton an exercise that worked really well culminated in the students creating a motto or creed with which to hold onto and work towards.

Braving the elements pays off
Too many drawing not enough partying
Work hard play hard
Just do something and try not to worry about it going wrong
Take what you know, learn what you don’t and make something creative
Look twice draw once
Try everything quit nothing
Live with eyes wide
Finding thoughts to think nothing
Surroundings with restrictions
Do what you want to do and enjoy
Think wider use more make better
Make the most of everything
In the right mind you can open your thoughts if you approach it with what you’ve got
There are no boundaries
When drawing loosen up and have fun
Be open to new ideas and ways of thinking
Capture and embrace every moment and opportunity
More makes a difference
Keep looking at the small detail
Live for today not tomorrow
Do what works for you
The key is to always work
Live in the colour
4D thinking
The positives always outweigh the negatives
Experiment with / into your hearts content
Think different and look further
Have more than one idea to go further
Don’t be afraid just do it
Challenge and explore all concepts
Time is precious
There is no right and wrong
Don’t give up
Indecision is a tool use it
Analyse restrictions to become perceptions

working with Norfolk Museum Service in the castle museum in the decorative arts section has been a real pleasure – looking at the idea of context – the bibliography of an object .