Wednesday, 23 June 2010


the past three days have seen me at the Royal College of Arts working with the printmaking MA students developing their experimental book making skills. the whole thing was a glorious experience - it was good to be treated professionally with courtesy and civility

the facilities are exceptional, the food in the senior dining room dangerously moorish (and the plates have the royal college crest on them) and the views from all the rooms, especially the 6th floor are outstanding – i am sure that every student must make work about it for the first term!
the room i worked in looked over the albert hall.

meanwhile back at NUCA there was the undergraduate private view on tuesday – the ba textile work looked very tight and knowing - comments from the public and past students were very positive – i think that we have finally moved from textiles with a small f as in fine art (it was a very large one) to textile design with a capital D
tutorials with MA drawing students at NUCA tomorrow and then next week the run up to new designers building the show makes it another 2 days in London at the design centre after that hanging the book art postgraduate show at Camberwell the rest of the week