Wednesday, 9 June 2010


since i got back from cycling in the lakes it’s been very busy – it was straight back into thinking about organising the final shows for the various courses i work on – it’s a very ‘all encompassing’ experience for the students who have to consider their own work, often determined by the space they are allocated and then their work within the light of others in the cohort but also there is the context of the group, the space and then how the show is a public event for the college or university.
it is also that time of year where we talk about professional practice with the students, considering how the end of this course is just the beginning of start of something new – this is a link to a recent presentation.
i have started to look at images taken when i was in the lake district – i am intrigued by notions of nature and natural within the context and confines of the forest and the forestry commission the photo above was taken deep in an area of managed forest where very little light reached the floor – the monochrome nature of it is something to work with and possibly seek out in the forestry commission land in Suffolk – meanwhile the trees that had fallen over exposed very shallow room systems – images of which will find themselves in presentations for textile students about networks and extending various ideas around textile activity.
onto others matters - at the moment it’s the pulse festival in ipswich, friday saw me watching the excellent pregnant - a piece of performance art involving a cross dressing pregnant man with 3 projectors – one of which is on his head! met robert pacitti in the foyer and talked about his taking the lead project at langard fort and the dockside dandies of Lowestoft. and finally just saw the yinka shonibare on the 4th plynth – for me it looks a little too much like a prop from something ‘swashbuckling’.