Saturday, 28 April 2018


my headphones have arrived and I can't wait for my next session with OCA so I can show them off, I mean use them and be more effective in my online teaching. I've been chosen to be profiled in the new publicity - really proud. Also working on a catalogue text for Debjani Bhardwaj's upcoming show at Tashkeel as part of The Critical Practice Program. I am thinking about moments of creative activity. So far the title is observing a gap and filling it with connections - Where does creativity come from and where does one go to encounter it?
At the moment evenings have been spent failing to engage in a worthwhile series all have been abandoned - we have the unpleasant Westworld, the truly dull Lost in Space, the 2nd series of Money Heist which is unravelling veeeeeeerrry slowly, the 2nd series of Scorpion which is fully engaged with the jumping the shark concept. films include the gloriously uncomfortable spinning man the joyous Paddington 2 and the stunningly brutal Hostiles  meanwhile Lena Wurzs an ex student from Camberwell Book Art MA has been in residence at London Centre for Book Arts - check out her blog