Saturday, 24 March 2018


So a day at Kings - working on synthetic anatomy - on the way using my time on the train to work on the software to construct a number of gifs and creating more 3D pieces that explore the weave and knit aspect of the process. I am sure 3D printing is a textile activity. It was the table displays, one of the culminations of the project. fascinating - in the arts we spend hours debating Learning Outcomes - agreeing on their meaning and talking about transparency. It is almost as if a fear has gripped arts education. The science world had none of that fear and was full of certainty. There was some extraordinary work on display - some of it worthy of gallery space and others would be interesting within a design context. But all were amazing in what they had taken of board in terms of visual communication and storytelling - excellent.
Stayed on to go to see sylvia palacios whitman at a late Tate event - I will not be going again. So controlling, so managed, so badly staged. This was the tragedy and then the work itself .......just dull, verging on pompus and self congratulatory  although its retrospective nature might of let it off these crimes if it wasn't for the new work, a travesty. And I paid £16.00 to sit on the floor behind a pillar! more fool me. Next day was a breath of fresh air - taking in a number of galleries that were more interested in art than controlling the audience - Arcadia Missa and Gossamer Fog had dynamic small scale pieces, The South London Gallery had free.yard curating a show upstairs and downstairs an extraordinary hyper produced exhibition by Magali Reus. The production values of the objects gave it a sheen of otherworldlyness. The overall experience was one of finding clues, it reminded me of the work of Mathew Barney. Finally the highlight was the curated exhibition by isthisit at arebyte on London City Island . It is an extraordinary show of highly considered work, I think Tate membership has to go when the more interesting work is somewhere else.