Friday, 5 January 2018


At a recent trip to the British Museum I spent some time looking at the objects that held the objects in the exhibition cases. The break has given time to explore ideas of display as work and work as display. How books and bookart is presented is an ongoing concern, it becomes a focus on the MA Book Art Course at Camberwell so I'm channelling some of those ideas.
some films...The Disaster Artist - unsure if its knowingness is a good or bad thing - when it's not clear if one is laughing with or at its always challenging. Mudbound is just relentlessly oppressive and it happens in lots of mud. Last Flag Flying is a mismatch of a film with, tonally all over the place. The second series of Lady Dynamite takes a number of turns that makes you realise mental health is at the core of the writing as the structure develops more layers with flights of fancy and symbolism standing in for linear narrative - truly challenging such that the talking dogs becomes the most 'regular' activity in the whole series!