Thursday, 26 October 2017


Family history - book as performance- documentation as document - importance of text - private public spaces - representing the everyday - artist as detective - distorting language - learning from failure - concepts of collection - collection as material - using book to frame the world - slow reading - cyphers and codes - text/textile - making landscapes - landscape of identity - repurpose wellbeing - graphic inclusivity - notions of truths - book as architecture - material matters - systems to cope - knowing not knowing. My notes from the first symposium at camberwell - it's a great day of sharing where the room swirls with possibilities and the past is used as a starting point for new possibilities. This year it was particularly beautiful to see that the course had been so beneficial to the fist years, their presentations were full of examples where they had taken opportunities and made the best of them - excellent.  
managed to finally see Blade Runner which was superb - thoughtfully referencing the first instalment with being referential , plot, acting and textile activity was all excellent. This alongside a special mention for the interiors (the room where you emerge from a hole under the water) and sounds which were just awesome. The experience made me go back to the original, I hadn't remembered the slightly overbearing Hans Zimmer soundtrack and actually maybe we had gone a little backwards when it comes to the representation of women as the 2049 has women as empty vessels, disposable or precious specimens.
the jungle - my scouting experience tells me to be prepared so this is just a little annoying - don't go into the woods! somehow everything is there but just doesn't gel together enough.
the house - Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler riffing off each other - silly madness but in an okay way.