Sunday, 22 January 2017


just back from a 6 hour walk around Orford, and Chillsford stopping at The Butley Orford Oysterage for lunch - a totally wonderful  no messing great food kind of place that I haven't been back to for years back when it was a regular eating place at the weekend  the day was so still and the water up to the creak at Butley like a mirror - extraordinary. Ended up walking in the dark past the space where Sudbourne Hall, once owned by Kenneth Clark, used to be! all that's left is the pair of urns denoting where the entrance steps were.
I want to take a little credit for being a small part of what is a great website created by the final year cohort of the MA Fine Art Course on the OCA - it's a wonderful example of collaborative activity and celebrates the interconnectiveness of the course. A true celebration of creativity one could spend hours on the site exploring the many possibilities.

meanwhile - The girl with all the gifts another 'zombie' film - what's with all the zombie films recently? I spent most of it recognising locations - Bentwaters, the airbase down the road served as the base and it does have an intriguing if nihilistic(ish) ending. There's a wonderful insightful interview on Sid and Jim's podcast with the creator and curator of is this it although at the moment there is a guest curator called Jake Moor in control of the site.