Monday, 21 November 2016


nanoDTC has taken over my life! - here is a link to the mass of work and thinking - I am supposed to be there a day a week but most weeks it's 2-3. I am learning so much and really enjoying the experience - especially the professional care that I encounter but other work is still continuing and am managing to find time to see stuff. Went to London specifically to see the physical incarnation of which was excellent - some great work and the beer didn't run out at the private view. looking forward to working with the Open College of the Arts work - their short project has at its focus the development of a web presence. Still reflecting on Make:Shift and making sense of the experience and in practical terms getting back to the contacts made. here is a link to the presentation I gave . students at NUA have started on their next project - fashion - my presentation was around extending ideas of the body and our relationship to it - I have been thinking about why and how we learn - I have been delivering this presentation - it is an attempt to enable the students to recognise when to change their thinking/behaviour to get results - influenced by Freakonomics. Often students have been bludgeoned around the issue of tests and succeeding within this context but have lost sight of their own goals, their intuition and the idea of learning itself and what they actually want to learn.    

got to see the Green Room - a chillingly dark film that left me with a general feeling of oppression - this was a good thing - but brutal. mainly the weekends have been about regenerating the body through long walks by or next to the sea.