Tuesday, 13 September 2016


A great day at Camberwell - the first symposium on the MA Book Arts course always presents the opportunity to project onto the students possible futures and to consider one's role in getting them to where they want/need to be. As ever the experience reminds me as to why I love teaching so much - my notes include the phrases - preserving something that is not - brand installation - putting content into paper - density of thought - invisible visible - manual collages - where does book take place? - memory of the evidence of a thing - Buddhist frustration - invisible violence - building lines for people to construct space in their minds - unfolding minds - real v perceived space - abstract landscape - doubling invisibility - the destruction of destruction - the public book - rock library - the space of the book - testing to negotiate your own space - books, I smelt all of them - process as metaphor. how wondrous is that. meanwhile a run of films - Mechanic: Resurrection - solid Stath action with shooting weaponry material but wooden beyond belief. Free State of Jones - solid life affirming Southern racist narrative with good work by good guy McConaughey. Blood Father - solid drug violent wayward daughter biker story with Mel sporting marvellous face hair. Spill festival program is out and am already looking forward to it - highlights have to be of leonardo da vinci quills a black giant deluge with Elaine Mitchener, David Toop, Barry Lewis and Dam Van Huynh, Mem Morrison in the Wills building, the wonderful Jade Montserrat  who I actually taught many moons ago, well she was in the room when I was talking!! and Entertainment Island who I saw at the Barbican in a previous Spill festival - it will be excellent. https://spillfestival.com/