Tuesday, 4 August 2015


more moving surfaces for the nano project - thinking about movement and scale - also some more 'draft ideas' around art science differences - all up for discussion - babies don't do science - can one just start doing science without knowledge? art starts with the individual - science informed by lots of othersbusiness and commerce pushes from the end - companies and galleries support what the work becomes and where it goes - this then starts to define what is researched or made and eventually defines the research. the idea of truth - looking for answers - that there is an answer or answers out there - making art as a way of making sense of the world - people use science to do - to eventually enable them to do things - the idea of skill and craft - knowledge of how to do things, making - the craft skills of art and science have parallels - separate from the idea of thinking - this enables them to make although art can exist without this can science? -  there is a wider audience for the outcomes of what can be made from science but do scientists have an audience other than themselves when making? - to enable them to think and deduct? - language - art is concerned with creating an individual, personal language  - does science have the opportunity for a personal language - or is it all a universal language? is all the science within a particular field the same? art starts with knowledge which informs thinking and looking which leads to making - science starts with the knowledge of many which informs thinking which leads to making which creates knowledge to be used in some way