Sunday, 19 July 2015


well Latitude ....some extraordinary moments - starting with - Stand up for back up tape - Ross Sutherlands tightly constructed piece about his grandfather was a form of time travel moving  and clever enabling you have another way of thinking about possible messages in the everyday.
Jemima Foxtrots weaving of spoken words with singing voice transported you through time and space mixing the ancient with modern
Anne Bean created with her people sounds with almost primeval magic that linked me to a set by Max Cooper which was accompanied by incredible visuals that were about the very beginnings of life
Mike Figgis telling it like it is - his thoughts on the culture of the everyday with the mediocre in charge chimed well with Gary Indiana's slot in the truly magnificent Station to Station - section 41 the devil of our age where he talks of his suspicion of normal people - they are all liars and complicit to be able to exist in the systems that have been constructed in their likeness that we have to live in - they constrict creativity by their looks and questions, controlled by their own fear they stomp out life - sound familiar? here's a link to a recent show of his -
John Hopkins set was knob twiddling at its zenith - managed to be at the front to get the full bass effect - open eye signal was grindingly endless and the digital hoola women were great. But if you want an experience with sound try to get to see the heroic this machine won't kill fascists but it might get you laid by the thoughtful, serious and I believe quite marvellous Christopher Brett Bailey who is rapidly becoming somebody who I think is essential in my creative landscape.
Obviously lots of other stuff drifts in and out - I seem to gravitate away from the corporate industry of the monolithic indie music establishment  through the need for a more  connected experience in the intimate surroundings of the cabaret tent - Dickie Beau and the Duckie crowd and the far away forest with the forest fringe, live art development agency and the little house. There is a sense of sincerity that you feel that makes one feel humble - two to look out for - the wardrobe ensemble 1972 the future of sex and unstable king with game - two pieces of theatre by young people - there is hope...

finally if you want to have a huge thinking cry get to see fake it till you make it by Bryony Kimmings (always brilliant I'm still laughing and maybe more importantly thinking from my last encounter credible likeable superstar role model) and Tim Grayburn - men and mental health and a short film called Mute where the worlds population find their voice in an unconventional way.......