Sunday, 30 November 2014


Another set of interesting texts to read from the MA Book Art Students – it really is a privilege to have access to such a range of interesting strands of research – this important opportunity enables me to feed this thinking back into the teaching I’m involved in both at Camberwell and Norwich. cross fertilization is the key. Titles to this year’s dissertations......
Eastern Art and Philosophies Influencing John Cage and Western art Influencing Huang Yongping Xu Bing: representing the characteristics of their time or acts of imitation
How book artists represent memory of a place and how these memories are translated to communicate with the readers
How do Kenneth Goldsmith and Simon Morris use compositional stratergies of copying to produce new works within the context of a digital age?
The Work of Seance: How materiality affects absence in translation in Anne Carson’s Nox and Christian Hawkeys’s Ventrakl.
Colour in the Book How colour contributes to the sequential flow, structure and meaning within in artist books.
Image: consciousness and bliss A play of Visual Perception and Meanings
How are different interpretations of place and memory reflected in the imagery, design and structure of two different artists’ books?

Meanwhile ... Godzilla – was most excellent – check out the sound track – the sounds are part electricity part pure fear and always ‘other’. The film is a great thrill seat of your pants experience with the action stopping not once in the entire film – something or someone is always moving or in jeopardy. On the work front – I’ve submitted some pieces for the proposed staff show at NUA titled in plain sight – should be interesting