Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Secured tickets to see Here Lies Love at the new Dorfman Theatre can hardly wait as it sounds a little bonkers. We now own a little piece of live art history – securing La Ribobs ‘chair’ at a gala auction in the Vauxhall Tavern to support Live Art Development Agency. I really like Marcia Farquhar’s comment -  LADA is a place for people who don’t know their place.’  
Lawrence Weiner at South London Gallery is quite a statement! – the main gallery has one statement on the wall and a graphic response on the opposite wall whilst upstairs the domestic space battles interestingly with the scale of the text.

Some interesting teaching this week – presentations, seminars and tutorials – an interesting world of specific and particular language- a space of intention and discussion that really is quite wondrous – so much so that I often feel so elated that I feel some sort of sorrow for the rest of the world who aren’t part of it!! – check out