Tuesday, 6 May 2014


An interesting session at firstsite in Colchester – running a workshop with the Colne and Colchester Embroiderers Guild. http://www.embroiderersguildeast.org.uk/branches/branches-a-j/colne-colchester/ The session was a hybrid book/presentation/folding/lecture/smocking/ideas/generating/starting point’s workshop. It went down well and as ever, through reflection it is interesting to consider the learning - what we know, the skills we have yet often take for granted and how our experiences inform us. A good time was had by all.
The shows at firstsite were quite baffling – in a good way - Simon Denny, The Personal Effects of Kim Dotcom was a quite bizarre collection of stuff (mainly shiny) – the title of the show explains the work – it begins to question so many things - ownership, capitalism, consumerism and of course taste! The film by Aleksandra Domanović, specifically From yu to me looks at the history of the Internet domain ‘.yu’ was fascinating and a great companion piece to the Kim Dotcom exhibit. The Henri Chopin show was very familiar – some really excellent and intriguing work – a must for people interested in concrete poetry and visual sound. http://www.firstsite.uk.net/page/1/Home

Meanwhile a patch of tarmac on the road outside my house was a distraction from the digging that has to be done.