Sunday, 17 November 2013


I’ve been playing a lot of vinyl from the collection this week – as well as wallowing in Talking Heads I’ve been reappraising Yello – was it really 1981....
Managed to see the wonderful film – Jesus Henry Christ and spent most of it beautifully distressed – a gorgeous looking film exploring the idea of childhood – you will weep.
Caught the latest faster than sound event at Snape Maltings is a site specific installation called nocturnal.  It’s a very beautiful piece using a camera obscura to show a film twice. It’s on till next week if you’re passing it’s worth a look/listen.
Already bought tickets for the next faster than sound event in February Place: Occupation. and am already looking forward to it, especially the new commissions.

The New Wolsey Studio is showing the latest work by Robin Brooks Britten’s Got Talent its very funny and has an irreverent tone that picks up some of the interesting lesser known traits of Benjamin Britten I saw the read through so am intrigued to see how the music and songs have been integrated.