Wednesday, 9 October 2013


looking at my notes - memory is fiction - men are superfluous even in their own lives - cookie cutter characters - writing praxis - looming otherness - shape shifting, writing from the perspective of female gender - haptic quality - transformation gamma - bourgeois mediated discourse - collective deluzean state - creating sense where there is no sense - anthropology is cultural imperialism  - yes I went to listen to Will Self talking with Bernardo Carvalho as part of Flipside at Snape Maltings most excellent, entertaining and informing with just a hint of menace.
meanwhile - late to this I know but have returned to Akala via TED Aldeburgh where I last saw him and have become a fan, founder of The hip hop Shakespeare Company which in itself is wonderful - check out the shakespear v hip hop lyric  at TED and to get a handle on his lyrics the series fire in the booth has to be visited.