Tuesday, 9 July 2013


It’s the beginning of the end at Camberwell!! - the next three weeks are dedicated to 'show planning' – the session yesterday focused on the work students have made, are making or/and are proposing to make for final show and what it might look like with – individual tutorials with everybody graduating on the Book Art MA led to an excellent day with a number of marvellous revelations - some very exciting solid professional work is going to be shown in a number of interesting way, as ever it’s fascinating to observe a number of trends and ways of thinking/making and to consider the work that has been created on the course over the many years. In another room students had brought in finished work and it was being photographed for the catalogue – all very professional.

Meanwhile a link to a great mixtape to download (Caroline’s B-Day Soul-Astrology) – I’ve been stuck on a train (again) and it has provided some kind of background to the real pain of travelling on Greater Anglia - how can they be so expensively crap? – its on a blog http://iamnotagun.blogspot.com/  towards the end it has excellent (funkyier dityer) track by Leon Haywood - I Want'a Do Something Freaky to You that blows the alleged sexy je t'aime moi non plus by Serge Gainsbourg  off the planet into a category of songs titled favoured and promoted by Mary Whitehouse!! – recommended. http://iamnotagun.blogspot.co.uk/2009/07/carolines-b-day-soul-astrology-mixtape.html