Tuesday, 14 May 2013


I engaged in the future and it was good! exciting even! The 'new' came to Sibton Green last night as I participated in a lecture for the OCA - the Open college of the Arts - http://www.oca-uk.com/creative-arts-degrees/postgraduate/ma-fine-art.html
Giving a virtual lecture and then answering questions afterwards all through Google Hangout was most excellent - I kept thinking I may never need to leave the house again. I felt that the session was really successful and the participants were positive about the experience - thinking now about how to extend the experience either by myself - working out how to offer presentations to spaces in the world I can't get to or working with NUA to get individuals to present ideas to our students through the internet without them having to leave their studios - saving money, time and the planet.
The final shows are coming fast and the space at NUA is ready and waiting for the work to arrive and be installed. Meetings about exhibition layout, although teamshow2013, a group of volunteers on the textile course at NUA have been wonderful, organising and creatively thinking about the exhibition and the web presence - which will take the form of a blog, a portal to their own web presence. New Designers also looms with NUA textiles having a stand with a new look this year. 

meanwhile a boarded up space to think about.