Thursday, 4 April 2013


an interesting group tutorial with students at Camberwell -  highlights of a really good discussion were ideas around display and a works relationship to potential audience(s) - managed to get to the Serpentine Gallery to see Fishel and Weise bolder balanced on top of a bolder which was a bolded balanced on top of a bolder – a little underwhelming, although it was big I have seen more spectacular examples in nature so.......... but the show in the gallery was wondrous – Rosemarie Trockel - an exhibition full of invention and ideas. Ranging from artist books, textile explorations of the minimal canvas, large scale ceramic pieces and an area of curated vitrines which were displayed to hold many narratives.  A must see. Pae White at the South London Gallery was a spectacular extravaganza of yarn but its initial impressive position was unable to provide extended viewing, unlike Rosemarie Trockel. But the lamb broth was good!