Wednesday, 27 February 2013


A day of mid-term presentation at Camberwell - an intense day of discussing work within a group without the person whose work it is talking - either to explain or excuse. A wonderful, bare clear and open opportunity to see how your work performs, how it relates to an audience and to consider what it actually communicates. Again Art College is the best place in the world to work - conversations and feedback around ................. references to blackboard, page, monument and tombstone were discussed and agreed - The idea of the word, reading and then language - The idea of the book explored through the use of the structure of the imposition scheme - refer to book by partly forming the book - The possibility to read the work as if it were both concerned with something lost or the opportunity to gain - The work, although made of books, appears to of directly by-passed references to the book - It talks of time, sequence and order, ideas that are at the core of book - The sense of archaeology was strong in the work, along with order and disorder - idea of being both inside and outside the work - the work considered as a tool for looking at light - The work is both static and moving, humorous and tragic, disconnected and isolated - Who is behind the lenses and who is in front - a piece that explores the sound between speech, the ambient noise that surrounds us, a homage to cage 4:33 - The work is simultaneously about the past and the future, a post-apocalyptic object, evidencing something very dark - Making sense, but maybe not about being lost but about finding more through being more lost.... 2 more images of covered things in public.