Tuesday, 8 May 2012


The smelling of a brown paper package - old spaces – discarded.
Received my book from Susan Kruse Curator and Chief Librarian from The Library of Lost Books?  who has organised the library of lost books project – this is a salvaged collection of discarded books that are sent to artists to work with. My book is an intriguing one - both in its content and structure in that it is not really a book but a collection of pamphlets that have been bound together within a hard purple cover.
The pamphlets are from the reference library and are annual lectures and sermons published by the Hopkins society 1969 – 75. The pamphlets are printed letterpress and bound within a range of different coloured card covers. The sermons were printed in a smaller format so when brought together have an intriguing spacer bound into the hard cover.
The lectures were given at University College and sermons in a range of churches around London.
What was interesting was that after the initial thoughts from unwrapping - odd what? - I turned on my laptop and started to research the poet – had I betrayed the book and the project by this very act? I started to read and think about this poet – Gerald Manley Hopkins, catholic, jesuit, homosexual? A man seemingly torn - living and creating work within a framework of duality.
So now I know about the man by reading through the portal of Google – and my notes include – an act recorded – biscoiations – thingness of things – in the moment – physicality of now – poems read with the ears – creating new words – new rhythms  - tension – language – embedding – words on words – inscape and instress.
But what to do? where is the work? Should the work be about the physical object on my table or these ripples in the water created by the book that has dropped into it?
Initial starting points - physical - rethinking the structure of the piece - responding to the ideas behind the poets work making an experience using the book and documenting it (explosion),
Words - latin motto - esse quam videri translation - to be rather than to seem - creating new words – putting words and phrases into the book – the titles of the lectures - the marks or  in the book, stamps, hand written numbers etc –
General ideas - being in the moment - going to stand where lectures were given - contacting the society which is now based in Ireland – following obscure references such as – what, if any is the connection between the injustices Trevor Huddleston saw in South Africa and his love of Gerald Manley Hopkins poetry? (Trevor Huddleston gave the first sermon).   
I am interested to know if the book sent to me to work on was chosen specifically for me – it seems as if it was as it has much within it that intrigues and delights me from the challenging structure to the ideas that inform the content.